About Trevor

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by my site!

So like many people, I had a somewhat adventurous and tumultuous childhood you could say, with various kinds of challenges, hard knock lessons and traumas.

I was hospitalised many times for various conditions and subsequent surgeries, including for third degree burns, and having my whole face re-constructed from a high speed head on collision. I even witnessed a murder in my teens.

As you might expect, through my late teens, all of my 20’s and into my early 30’s, I endured the challenging and painful fallouts of various compounding post traumatic stress responses.

I suffered periodically debilitating chronic fatigue, depression, brain fog, eyesight dysfunction blindness, anxiety, suicidal ideation and fibromyalgia, which was often a very sharp pain in my joints, which resembled advanced arthritis symptoms.

In my early 30’s I had the privilage of sitting in a ceremony with a renowned healer, observing my consciousness as one does, and I had this unexpected realisation that the pain in my hands was not really pain at all… it was knowledge, information or even power.
Within the span of a year or so, with a lot of introspective observation, increasing of sensitivities, inner knowings and intuitions, my other medical conditions began to lift as well.

Years later I even found out that people with fibromyalgia grow ten times more of a particular sensory nerve at the pain sites. I’m certain I now use these nerves in large part, to sense the subtle electrical currents that people restrict unconsciously, creating dis-ease in their bodies.

So over the last 12 years, I’ve formulated a very precise and sensitive capacity to track the entrenched loops, impulses and patterns of your mind, through the ecological landscape of your body, and I help you scramble and reprogram them.

I’m qualified in Diagnostic Shiatsu as well as Oriental Therapies, but my research and exploration the last decade has gone way beyond this. I basically reverse engineered BioEnergetic Release Therapy. I would figure out various mental and bodily dynamics of other people, through my own hands, mind and heart, then I would often confirm my perceptions and suspicions in endless textbooks from a vast array of modalities. Including Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, BioEnergetics, Reichian Character Analysis, Various Chinese and Japanese Medicine texts, Deep Ecology, Nature Philosophy, Indigenous perspectives, EFT, EMDR etc etc.
This was my disciplined way of keeping this work authentic and powerful, as opposed to falling into the trap of trying to emulate other people.

So, to put it simply, I perform a deep, hands on listening to both your bio-electrics as well as the very subtle muscular impulses which accompany your every thought, in direct relation to your mind, or your attitudes, which are one and the same thing for me. I facilitate you very precisely and unwaveringly, to unwind these tension patterns behind our suffering, resistance and the majority of our medical problems. Your muscular attitude plays a primary role, in dictating your reality, thankfully, with some very sensitive facilitation and guidance, this is addressable!!

Informed by my own myriad traumas, and their subsequent resolution, I’ve facilitated many hundreds of people to soften through their entrenched defenses dearmouring and re-claiming the embodied and sensory self confidence required to reprogram your mind,which is our birthright.
Which I’ll suggest, is who we really are, beyond all the labels and affiliations.

I look forward to meeting you if you feel compelled to try something very unique, empowering and consistently effective.