It’s not easy to put this stuff into words, without ending up in some scientifically reductionist mindtrap.

But Ive resolved to endeavour to (much more), this year of the mad hatted wabbit.

I crossed paths with a Yuin (Djuwin First Nation Indigenous) man recently on Wangal land, peering out across the (Sydney) harbour to Gadigal land.

When he told me where his people are from, we got chatting about a (nearly) fully initiated sorcerer~elder I’d spent some time in the bush with down south on Yuin lands (south NSW coast) a whiles back.

This particular elder couldn’t do his final initiation to complete the lore or training because, sadly and unjustly, there was no one left alive to take him through it.

I would naively imagine that although the final initiation was alive in his spirit (his branch on the tree of life), he was tragically never to become imbued or ‘broken open’ through it.

This Yuin fella then went on to tell me about how brutal, courageous and fierce his ancestors were as warriors.

His descriptions reminded me of what I’d heard about the Warlpiri peoples in central desert Australia.

As he began speaking in a seemingly casual manner of his people, large pulsing waves of ‘grief and loss’ energy emitted from his body and moved through me, altering my consciousness and my body~mind~shape where I stood.

This happens for me when people really feel what they’re speaking.

For me, the word ‘grief’ only scratches the surface however.

‘BioEnergy Release’ is a phenomenon I’m very familiar and intimate with, both within and outside the context of my practise as a therapist~dearmourer.

Some modalities call this energy ‘(piezoelectric) trauma response charge’, or ‘suppressed emotional charge’ releasing from our body~mind.

I’ve worked and engaged with enough indigenous mob, as well as everyone else, to know that it’s so so much more than these terms abovementioned.

There are many intersubjective ancestral intelligences influencing, if not animating through us, all~ways.

For myself, this ‘energy’ is intersubjective information, the moving living memory (therefore directionality, fractality and relationality) of life itself.

Some of which I’m personally too ‘eurocentric’ or ‘modernist’ to understand or be fully receptive to.

In the dearmouring context, some of the ‘information’ that I’ve experienced from indigenous peoples, I knew well was some kind of ’emotion~thought~form’ releasing / recirculating as we make contact, but it’s not the consistently familiar european conditioned variety (of usually hypervigilantly guarded emotions) that I know very well in my work.

The emotional-thought~forms sometimes feels ‘alien’.

Not the rich, yet familiar grief, fear, or anger I’m used to, something other entirely.

Yet, perhaps this is only so because it is myself that is the un~lore~ful ‘alien’, floating relatively blind with hungry ghosts, uninitiated, like a child, within the relational ecologies of this land and its living ancestry.

I know from countless other experiences, that absolutely always, the eco~psycho~somatic transmits vast pulses of information about our lives, our ancestries, not least of all, ourselves.

Feeling him, I believed this fella about his warrior ancestors, because their timeless ever~present spirit was momentarily flooding and viscerally mind~shaping my body as he organismically spoke.

I could cautiously suggest he was unwittingly grieving, loving what his people lost, transmitting a living dreaming, from body~mind to mind~body.

The real ‘internet’, mirror neuronal bioresonance, giving, recieving, evolutionary intelligence.

If they’re not completely armoured or frozen, whenever someone feels and speaks with non performative love, pride, awe, grief etc. (not the easiest past time for us militarised, and in turn industrialised folk), my whole body is flooded with so much living moving emotional information, one could say ‘spirits’, which somatically paints a moving vibrating empathic living picture or memoria of who they, and in turn, their peoples and relations are.

In my opinion, ‘somatically experiencing’ another’s spectral web of bliss~gnosis~pain, is a viscerally direct way of understanding and in turn, actualising, an embodied reverence~respect for each other.

This is one of the fundamental ways we literally love, empathically ‘shapeshift’, learn, adapt and develop as human beings.

This Yuin fella informed me that the orca whales (one of their main totem animals) have apparently returned to Yuin lands down the southern NSW coast. First time in 150 yrs or so.

This possibility excited me cos I already knew about the killer whales symbiotic relationship with the British whalers back in the mid 1800’s.

So I asked him about any probable symbiosis between the orcas and the Yuin mob.

And to be sure, he said the orcas were deceiving and rounding up all kinds of ocean species for the Yuin to harvest and eat, including beached whales, which they believed were offered up by orcas possessed by ancestor spirits, for many thousands of years.

Life is truly wonderful when we listen with whole sensorium, bioenergetic vibrational tongues from our own deep time hearts. Xx

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