Currently practicing in Myocum (close to Mullumbimby) in the northern rivers of NSW.
Periodic visits to Sydney, and occasional visits to other areas by demand.

BioEnergetic Release goes a long way beyond standard medical manipulations or force.
Learn how to get out of your own body’s way, with deeply sensitive, unwavering guidance and support.
A very precise and delicate art that tangibly takes you underneath your industrial conditioning where real change is possible.
BioEnergetic Release tracks your mind-body-trauma holding patterns into transformative healing states.
Consistently powerful results for many psychological and physiological conditions. essentially changing how we relate to the world.
Try something very different, and in turn, very effective.
Deep listening, hands-on, rest-oration.
See Reviews and Visitor posts for testimonial experiences and results.
Free 20 minute trials by appt. 1, 2 or 3 hr treatments available.
Now practicing in Birchgrove (Balmain) in Sydney.

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