‘Trauma’ in and of the Body(Mind)

All my words below are based on my own consistent observation and experience, and verified in various texts, including Reichian Character Analysis, Lowens Bioenergetics, Chinese Medicine and a number of other modalities.

Lets be honest, over thousands of years, we all got civilised, and more recently, “industrialised”, disconnected and in turn ‘hardened’ away from the relational natural world.

Although there are obviously many convenient perks to modern life… This “comfort zone” has come at a high cost however. It has deeply hampered our ability to adapt intelligently and healthily to traumas.

After more than a decade of deeply listening to peoples bodies, especially their bio-electrics, in relation to their minds, I’ve come to deeply realise over time that the (free)flow of energy in the body is directly proportionate to how embodied and sensorily aware we are.
Unfortunately, relative to our indigenous ancestors, we have become very mentally and physically dissociative, and in direct correllation, very restrictive and compressed in our bodies. Massively hindering the way energy and resources are both distributed and organised in the body.

Wilhelm Reich, originally a student of Freud, called this phenomenon “Character Armour”.
This armour, held in tension patterns in our musculature, has deeply impacted the dynamics and directions of the culture we live in. It’s not just individuals that get traumatised and lock their body’s up in response. This also happens to whole cultures, and collectively dictates much of the historical cycles and politics that plays out

For a number of reasons, this disease and suffering causing phenomenon is still not yet very well understood by todays society.
This predicament is not our fault per se, but I do suggest it is now, more than ever, our response – ability…

Our conditioning, and the trauma it causes us to hold onto, has become a literal physiological straight jacket, which we need to deeply increase our awareness of, and in turn consciously de-armour ourselves, for healing and rebalancing the self, our relations and the earth as a whole.

Most of the tension in our bodies is deeply correlated with our minds, our cultural identity and conditioning. Our “Psychic Neurosis” the psychoanalysts called it.
Blockages in the body can potentially disappear if its correlating neurosis (mental imbalance) is dissolved. The reverse is the same also. However, in my experience, any therapy of the body which does not include the mind, and any therapy of the mind that does not include the body, is woefully incomplete.
The tension patterns in our bodies, and our neurotic anxious minds, are indeed the same thing.

If “Muscular Attitude” or “Character Armour”, was suddenly well understood and accepted by mainstream culture, the implications for both individuals and wholes societies would be nothing short of revolutionary.
This personality or character armouring reflects our (un)spoken beliefs about the world. Our beliefs are muchly the compound result of the traumas we’ve endured throughout our life, but also literally inherited through the ‘epigenetic’ generations of our ancestry.

I personally call this the politics of your body, or your own personal ‘body politic’. Which always reflects the wider cultural body-politic you participate in.

This is literally the politics of your body-mind. Which I feel we can take much more self empowered response-ability for.
The psychologically and culturally restrictive and unconsciously policed distribution of energy and resources through all of the systems of your body. Which dictates your reality in large part. To put it another way… the way energy is distributed and expressed in your body, reflects the way you both participate and defend yourself in the world. (your reality).

We live in a culture of force and manipulation, just look at the way the medical system operates. We live in a culture of body distrust and body denial. Fixating, instead of feeling… Reacting, instead of healing…
Let’s not forget that our body-minds, in many ways, are billions of years old. Evolution, God, Universe, Spirit, Ecology, Gaia, whatever name you personally choose for it. This intelligence that we are, I will suggest, has been through far worse than our own life. I suggest it knows how to respond to most of the traumas that come our way, but we’ve forgotten how to get out of it’s way. This intelligence and awareness, who we really are…

If every other mammal on earth can shake off or adapt to its traumas, then so can we…

The term ‘Trauma Release’ can be a little misleading. Obviously you can’t change (or release) what actually happened. But you can certainly release the body’s defensive response to the trauma. You could say that this is a form of evolutionary adaptation. We essentially are the result of billions of years of adaptations to traumatic events.

However, when our body-minds encounter a traumatic event, and we ‘move’ into a ‘fight or flight’ state, the industrialised and culturally conditioned body quickly builds up a tremendous amount of piezo-electric charge (energy) to utilise, to protect or defend itself from whatever threatening situation it’s in.
As Peter Levine, whom pioneered ‘Somatic Experiencing’ illustrated, these electric charges are ‘held’ in the body, kind of like a loaded gun, ready to shoot this charged bullet (so to speak) to defend itself from an aggressor or threat.
The problem these (modern) days is, cultural and ancestral conditioning often blocks us from releasing this energy. It’s often taboo or unnacceptable to use this energy the same way other (non human) mammals would. You could say we have forgotten how to feel and respond ‘naturally’ to the world.

When the body-mind cannot release this charge, and it’s correlated tension patterns (armour), it can lead to all manner of emotional and physiological imbalance and suffering.

BioEnergetic Release assists your body to release this trapped charge, and dearmour your body-mind.
Which dramatically increases the body’s capacity to self organise, and heal itself.

BioEnergetic Release is an easy, and very engaging self awareness and embodiment technique. To sensorily (and therefore energetically) engage and resolve our ‘Body Politic’, our trauma politics, our cultural politics, all within our consciousness. Putting you back in the drivers seat of your own healing, and not depending on someone else to “fix” you.